Consultation Solutions


Southern States Imaging is in the business of installing and servicing advanced medical imaging equipment such as Digital Radiography, Bone Density, Computed Radiography and Ultrasound (to name a few) in medical facilities to enhance their bottom line and add value to each facility. We understand that there are powerful forces implemented which can limit the income of physician practices and hospitals such as:

Certificate of Need and Exemptions are required in different States that make purchasing capital equipment difficult.
Decreasing the maximal allowable reimbursement to physicians to help try and balance the federal deficit.
Keeping incomes low for primary care physicians in the face of increasing overhead, making it difficult to maintain a private practice.
Trying to centralize medical care so private clinics find it difficult to survive.
Creating a National Health Service.

We at Southern States Imaging understand these pressures and can help with your Imaging needs and much more! Now and in the future, we know that without ancillary services many clinics will not be able to survive. Physicians are responsible for the results of the imaging they order, so why shouldn’t they be properly reimbursed for the risk? There are many imaging companies throughout the southeast region and the country that sell and service many different modalities. Southern States Imaging is much more than just an imaging company that sells new and reconditioned equipment; we help practices succeed with proper consulting.

A doctor in glasses smiling to a patient.